How to Make: Old-Fashioned Valentine's

As we begin the month of February, here are five easy steps to making something special for your "Valentine"

Items needed: 

Old-fashioned heart shaped doilies
Valentine stickers and/or cut outs
A glue stick
Pair of sharp scissors 

Step 1: Take heart-shaped doilies and separate them individually. 

Step 2: Place desired Valentine stickers and cut outs nearby.

Step 3: Take your glue stick and rub against the larger doily. Then, take the smaller doily and stick it on top of the glued area. Once completed, place the combined doilies upside down to glue for 5 minutes.

Step 4: Rub your glue stick against your desired cut out or valentine sticker. 

Step 5: After the Valentine is dried, you can add a bow, write a small message on the back of the doily, add an attachment or simply leave it plain. 



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